Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Longest Day

This year I found myself working away but as it is such a classic angling evening then the carp lake that I have fished a few times this year would be an ideal venue. The lake has changed significantly since my first sortie in March and is really quite a sight in full summer rainment. There is a band of lillies that stretch up the middle of the lake and the carp like to forage in these. I was warned that the level would drop during the summer months and it has proved to be the case. The lake is quite shallow and it has probably lost over a foot in depth leaving about 3' max.
My tactics yesterday evening will be no surprise to regular readers, good old float fished spam. I have also started trying some floating bread and this method is now really coming into it's own. I had several fish to both methods and also, as per usual, missed a whole shedfull of bites!
When fishing floating bread I am using about a thumbnail size of crust. Those canny carp know which bits have the hook in though and initially try to knock the bread off the hook. A free offering is gulped down in one. The trick is to wait until the float starts to move before striking. It is locked with the full complement of shot about 2' from the hook.
I had the lake to myself last night apart from a few other guests who were out for a walk. It was a great night to be out and I eventually called it a day at 10.20pm. I could still see my float (just) but unhooking the fish started to get a little tricky as I had forgotten my torch. This was probably my best fish of the night but plenty more in the same class. On my Avonmaster rod and 6lb line these are great sport.
It is all downhill now until Christmas!

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