Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Grand Christening

It has been a couple of weeks since I finally got round to buying a new landing net. My old one had served me well since the early 80's but even for me was starting to look a little past its sell by date. I was also slightly nervous about so presumptuous a purchase as a landing net, it implies you are taking the fish for granted and that sort of attitude can upset the fishing gods.
So this morning I set out onto one of my local club waters armed with the new net. For over an hour I sat wondering whether I had indeed created bad karma but fortunately it was not to be. This is my best Tench of the season but I did not weigh it, I have mislaid my balance. It was to be a one bite one fish morning though and I was clearly granted enough good luck to save my blushes but nothing to get too carried away with. This fish left me extremely pleased though.
One of the local residents took a shine to my favourite tench bait and then had the audacity to kip down at my peg. So the net is now duly christened with a marvellous tench, what cracking form. It is a change of tackle for me again tomorrow as I am going to have the afternoon on the Derwent to try and catch some more mayfly sport.


  1. What a cracking fish Dave. I think in a way it is beest not to give it a weight and just appreciate it for what it is. I am, of course very jealous. My Tench campaign is proving to be difficult and I fear I have indeed annoyed the Fishing Gods. A new landing net is generally a surefire way to achieve a blank and in the past I've resorted to taking both old and new in a supersticious effort to dupe the fish. Well done mate and good luck on the Derwent.

  2. Gurn, thanks and I suspect that some of your credit with the fishing gods may have been spent on the 40 pounder!!
    Your graft on the river will soon pay dividends though.

  3. loving that Tench Dave, the Gods are with you mate, i always found Tench to be very hard to catch, no mugs for sure..
    You need some vaseline though mate!!

  4. You're probably(definitely?) right Dave......I would dearly love a double figure Tench though...I know, plain greedy!!!