Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Barrow Tanks

One of the things on my 'to do' list of fishing experiences was to do some buzzer fishing on one of the Bristol Water fisheries. Some enquiries had been made and it was suggested that some of the best bank fishing is at the Barrow Lakes, a string of 3 reservoirs just south of the city. These are known locally as the 'tanks'. I arrived just before 1830 on Monday eveing and purchased my ticket from the quirky money in the envelope self service booth. Entirely fit for purpose in my opinion. A brief conversation with the chap coming to empty the box suggested lake no.2 was my best bet and sure enough after I crossed the road the only three other anglers I saw were all fishing no.2. The east bank opposite the A38 was giving a nice left to right wind, a little strong but ideal for drifting a team of buzzers for the right handed caster.
Two black buzzers on the leader and out went my line, no trouble punching an 8 weight out with my Daiwa Lochmor across the wind. Well, only second cast and I got that electric buzz when everything went tight. The fish in the top picture put up a great fight, as good as any I've had from the powerful rainbow. Before 2000 I took four fish and probably missed another two or three takes, absolutely splendid fishing and all fell to Basil's Buzzer my favourite chromonoid pattern. The fish were generally in great condition just look at the tail on the one below, if this was a stockie then it was in great nick. The wind was quite strong setting up a large bow in the line and I got the feeling I was missing a few just counting on feel. Sure enough when I added a strike indicator for the last twenty minutes or so takes were much easier to see accounting for the last two fish in quick succession. Not nearly as exciting thouigh as straight lining and wating for the pull. By 2000 it had got quite cold and I retired for a well earned Chicken Vindaloo.

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