Saturday, 16 April 2011

Robin Wood

This afternoon we headed up to Robin Wood between Ticknall and Ingelby as it is a great quiet spot where Barney can have a good run around, usually without bothering other people and dogs.
The picture below is looking out over Knowle, a Landmark Trust property, towards Derby in the distance. I always think this would be a great place to rent as it is absolutely in the middle of nowhere and has some real character and interesting features. I can just see myself getting the barby going on that lawn whilst taking some refreshments.

The pond is just north of Seven Sprouts Farm, now some rather attractive developments rather than a working establishment. I'm not sure what has happened to this pond over the last 5 years or so but it has doubled in size. It looks a deliberate enlarging and is now starting to blend in. It was a delightful spot of less than half an acre that just screamed tench and carp although I have nver fished it. There is a commercial fishery that you should just make out before the rape field in the above picture but I do hope this pond does not go the same way. As you would have to walk more than 10 yards to get to your peg this should put the knockers on that.

A glorious day to be out in South Derbyshire, the team below are collecting pond weed for the tadpoles that the kids have kidnapped.

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