Sunday, 10 April 2011

Findern Reclaimed

There has been alot of discussion on the DRAC forum about this pond and last autumn I questioned whether it should be kept on the ticket as it has been badly affected by poaching and anti social behaviour. Whatever was I thinking. That thread generated a huge positive response and now the club members are getting amongst the tench again. Phil Harrison has kindly tidied up some of the swims and there is now a DRAC sign displayed proudly. All my formative tenching was done here in my early teens and the pond was incredibly popular then. So this morning I set out a little late but thought I would get a couple of hours in. There have been reports of good catched this week and I couldn't wait to see what the pond would produce. There was another angler already fishing and I was delighted to discover that he was another member although he had not caught. I dropped my basket into my favourite swim from the seventies and second cast renewed my aquiantance with Findern tench after more than 25 years.
This was soon followed by another fish and a couple of missed bites but after an hour or so my swim died. Not to worry as it was cracking morning and fantastically bright in fact I would not have been surprised by a blank. There will be a few more session for me here this spring and the last hour of light always used to be the best of the fishing. A great return for me and many memories of fishing with my Dad.

The other angler had done slightly better than me, his brace were a bit larger, both being 4.5 to 5lb. I will look forward to a return for some of the big lads and lasses. Unfortunately back to reality though as I spent the last 5 minutes picking up a dozen or so empty 'Fosters' cans. Some of the looks I got as I carried them back to the marina car park were quite amusing though!

Findern though is very definitely back on my list of regular haunts.


  1. Good write up Dave, You did better than me, i blanked on there last week! Its great to see a fishery coming back from the brink, lets hope the trend continues.

  2. Nice one, Squire. I think I might take you up on that offer you made a long time ago about giving you a quick call! Thinking of visiting Findern sometime midweek so will probably call you for a few tips - if you get an unrecognisded number calling please don't hang up!