Monday, 25 April 2011

Where is the tench shop?

Well can anyone help me please as I now need to go and buy a tench. After getting my spring tench campaign off to a great start at Findern a couple of weeks back it has distinctly faltered but hey I suppose that is fishing. Yesterday evening I set off for a sortie to Triangle and when I arrived there were a few cars in the car park. My favourite swim was taken by a carp angler who had been in it since 5.30am so I guess he had sort of earnt it!
Consequently I set off for some swims that I had spent the day discussing with Rob from the DRAC forum. There was to be no messing about so I set up two rods. I fished a feeder at about 20 yrds out and a float in the margins on my Bruce and Walker. Initial interest was all on the feeder rod with some bream getting their heads down on some corn.

This was the best and the biggest bream I have caught at 6lb 9oz. It even put up a bit of a struggle and didn't come straight to the top and flap about like the smaller ones do, most un-bream like. There were little signs on any interest in my offerings on the float though.

It was getting on for 8.30pm when my float finally sailed away and the strike was met with firm resistance. Great I thought until I realised that this was no tench as it then lapped my swim at great speed putting a good bend in the float rod. Soon it was ready for the net but I think the antics effectively killed the swim as the initial margin was very clear and quite shallow at the edge for Triangle. This is I suspect one of the new stock of mirrors that have gone in this spring and weighed in bang on 5lb. So I've usually been able to wincle a tench from Triangle but have never had a bream or a carp from there before. That is definitely fishing!!

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