Monday, 16 August 2010

An Evening at Cullens

Yesterday I spent the evening on Cullens but in truth I might as well have gone just for the last hour. No bites until dusk was falling. It was a delightful evening though with the dipping sun picking out the trees on the far bank.
Unusually for me I fished two rods in the hope of tempting a monster tench before the end of the season. A waggler fished a couple of rods out was complemented by a feeder on the swingtip rod.I started getting knocks on the feeder rod but it wasn't until I cut off the hair and hooked the corn directly that I got a confident bite from the bream below which went 4.5lb. It came in like a sack of spuds though and from the state of my net probably swam off 1lb lighter. It was approaching 2100 now and I was struggling to see my float, fishing a little closer though and I caught two small tench before it was too dark to continue.
We are having a staycation this year so I am at home for the next fortnight or so and hope to get in a few more sessions.

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