Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Triangle Back End'ish Tench

It seems incredible as it is only early August but Monday evening had a distinct back end feeling to it with the light really drawing in now. I fished the last couple of hours and eventually pulling stumps just before 2130 having one last cast after I landed the fish above. This is not one of the 4lb plus specimens I was catching through the spring and I've noticed that since mid June the average size of the fish has not been as good.
These Triangle tincas fight like demons though and this one was hooked on the float only a few yards out from some reeds. The Avonmaster was bent double and it still made sanctuary but was so close to me that I managed to net it in the snag. As dusk was falling I did not notice at the time but the fish had what appears to be discolouration on the flank I wonder if this is from the rigours of spawning. Before this I had several greedy perch swallow quite large lumps of prawn they seem to have got a taste for it now. When the tench took I could only just see my float go but it was a confident bite that I have found occurs on this bait.
I hope to catch a 6lb'er this season but the summer seems to be fast getting away from us.

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