Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tench in the Gloaming

Last night I had the last couple of hours on a local club stillwater. After my experience at Cullens on Sunday evening I expected that the fish would not bite until later on. This last hour I think is the best time of the day at this time of year unless you want to get out of bed at stupid o'clock. One angler was just leaving the car park as I arrived and commented that the fishing was not too good. Well tackle up I thought and get settled in and wait for the witching hour. The first hour was indeed slow and biteless but as the wind died down I felt that I might be lucky. I was floatfishing as close to the reeds as I dared but have now stepped up to 6lb line straight through. I had been fishing 4lb bottom but the fish have got so canny here that they make straight for the reeds and you just have to hold them as giving line spells disaster. The first couple of bites were greedy perch who seem to be able to consume a large lump of prawn. The float was now registering some activity and eventually it slid away to be answered by the thump of a tench. This fish went straight for the reeds but the Avonmaster stopped it dead, so much that it flipped it out of the water! Having been played in such an undignified manner the fish was soon in the net. This was probably the smallest I've had from Triangle this year, about 2lb ish I'd say. Quickly I rebaited and had the float back out as light was fading fast. Soon afterwards another slightly larger fish 3lb ish graced the net and then I was into last cast territory. Although the float had a few good bobs and dips the hat trick was not to be. Perhaps also not to be is the whopping tench I've been hoping for to end the summer but I had an enjoyable evening nonetheless. Recently I read on I think Leo's blog about playing the numbers game for a big tench and that may well be the case so I will keep trying. Maybe I should be using feeder tactics more but fishing the float is so captivating. First rule is I think find your water and I think this pond holds one.

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