Sunday, 8 August 2010


A big day for me at the Glazebrooks. Firstly I finally broke my duck there albeit previous attempts have been in depths of winter. Secondly my son really enjoyed himself fishing with the 3m whip that his Grandad has just passed down. We caught stack loads of small perch, I think Sam had about three before I even got the line threaded through the old Alpha match rod. As we were fishing maggots it was to be expected however and although Sam caught about twice as many as me I did have the best of the day which would have gone about 12oz. We also caught bream, chub and roach, with some better stamp of the latter starting to respond to the feed.
The swim we were fishing was quite shallow for Glazebrooks which is very deep in places and drops off really quickly. I fed hemp and corn and had some bites on corn but did not connect. They usually occurred just as I was re-baiting Sam's hook or removing a fish for him. His pole is actually a 5m whip but we just used the top few sections and he handled it well. Grandad has passed it on as he has just purchased a Middy 'White Knuckle' margin pole which I think is a little un-dignified for a retired gentleman!! He has come a long way since his Apollo Taperflash and in the week had put the Middy to good use on some carp at a small commercial near Elvaston Castle.
I really enjoyed the fishing it was a delightful morning to be out and I used my Abu 501 for the first time in a couple of seasons. It reminded me what a pleasure these reels are to use for floatfishing. I use the centre pin too infrequently to be really profficient but the Abu is just so easy.
So I will hope to get in another couple of sessions with Sam this year and hope he takes to the sport. We are not going away this year due to a new puppy and I have next week at work then a couple of weeks break so we may explore some more DRAC waters then.

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